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Our Programmes

Our programmes are tailored to meet the industry needs regarding managing production, organisation, improving productivity, and capacity building of its human resources. Education at ESITH is organised around four programmes:

Executive Education Masters

- Supply Chain Management.
- Industrial Management.
- Management of Maintenance.
- Management of Health, Safety, and Environment.
- Management of Testing Laboratories.
- Management in Strategy of Purchasing and Sourcing.
- Efficiency of resources and Lean Management.
- Management of Finishing and Printing.

Specialized Master: (2 years in 3 Majors)

- Health, Safety and Environment
- Distribution and Merchandising
- E-Logistics

Under-graduate Courses - professional bachelors, (5 Majors)

- Production Management in clothing.
- Production Management in Textile.
- Supply Chain Management.
- Management of Buying and Sourcing.
- Garment development.

Engineering: (3 years 4 Major)

- International Logistics.
- Product manager.
- Textile Clothing.
- IT and Systems Management.

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